The much anticipated new album FEEL will be released June 12th, 2015.  A gutsy, rocking, From The Heart collection of music recorded at Audio Dallas in Dallas, Texas and produced by the fabulous Anson Funderburgh. All songs are written or co-written by DeeAnn with the exception of a stellar, stop you in your tracks rendition of "Can’t No Grave.” Again DeeAnn’s songwriting pulls from her life experiences and takes you on a hell of a ride. Her voice sounds like no other. Order CDs by emailing
Look for her upcoming CD release parties in Nashville,TN and Dallas,TX.

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Based on a True Story gets more high accolades 
from Music Row Magazine's Robert K. Oermann!

“This gal is a previous DisCovery Award winner, and I still say she deserves major-label attention.
This is a distinctive, individual new songwriting voice that needs to be nurtured and encouraged.”

3-07-2012, Robert K. Oermann

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 “She sings in a throaty, husky alto that is gripping. As a songwriter, she is equally gritty on ballads 
(”Should I Run”), boppers (”Love a Good Love Song”) and story songs (”Daddy Went to Prison”). 
Her name is DeeAnn Dominy, our DisCovery Award winner whom some 
Music Row star maker needs to sign up pronto.”
8-24-2011, Robert K. Oermann

Robert K. Oermann, DeeAnn Wins DISCovery Award
from Music Row Magazine for August 2011

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Plus, NEW reviews & NEW interviews!!! All below - read on! 

DeeAnn rocked CRS (Country Radio Seminar) February 22-24, 2012! Look for her out & about promoting her new radio single "When Daddy Went to Prison." To schedule an interview or gig, email 

Click here to read the Billboard article by Chuck Dauphin!

Still haven't found the secret track on Based on a True Story?
Well, here's a hint - it's before the 1st track...


 Ben Atkinson, CMA Week UK Radio Interview, (Audio), December 2011
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Andrew Funke and Deacon TIm Plunkett, Back Road Radio Show (Audio), October 2011
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Liv Carter, Urban Country News, August 2011
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Chuck Dauphin, Billboard, August 2012
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Liv Carter, Urban Country News, January 2012
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Scott Sexton, Today's Country, November 2011
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Pam Stadel, Digital Rodeo, November 2011
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Andrew Funke and Deacon TIm Plunkett, Back Road Radio Show (Audio), October 2011
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Liv Carter, Urban Country News, August 2011
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Whinny Awards, Radisson Opryland Hotel, Nashville, TN, 6:00pm
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Hotel Indigo, Nashville, TN, September 22, 2011, 9:30pm
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The Fillin' Station, Kingston Springs, TN, March 28, 2012, 7:00pm


Music Row’s Opinion Maker Robert K. Oermann Fully ‘Believes’
In the Talents Of Country-Rocker DeeAnn Dominy
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PLA Media Adds Another Fearless Female To The Roster
In The Form Of The Talented DeeAnn Dominy
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Lynn Anderson to be Honored at Whinny Awards,
DeeAnn Dominy Performing
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What they're saying about the 2011 album Based On A True Story:

“This simply produced release showcases her husky vocal style 
and an extraordinary gift for truthful, down-to-earth lyrics. 
Talent scouts take note: There’s a whiff of stardom here.”   
Robert K. Oermann, Music Row Magazine

"DeeAnn Dominy is the genuine article - you can tell the moment you hear her voice. 
With words from the heart and music from the soul, she's created a refreshingly honest, 
stripped down, no-nonsense gem with Based On A True Story." 
- Andrew Funke, Host of The Back Road Radio Show

"Have you ever heard an album that speaks to every aspect of your world and 
there is nothing you can do except hit repeat?  Well, here is that record. 
Newcomer DeeAnn Dominy and her smoky voice offer a perfect blend of acoustics and soul....
There is something about an artist who can sit down with a guitar and speak directly to your soul."
- Scott Sexton, Today's Country Magazine

"Someone needs to “discover”  her and give her a recording deal. No cookie cutter here. "
- Pam Sladel, Digital Rodeo

Where Dominy really shows off her writing talent is on the tragic tale ‘Daddy Went to Prison.’
The imagery-soaked lyric demands the attention of all your senses and the set-up in the opening lines –
Momma never smoked a cigarette til Daddy went to prison/now I’m counting the white circles coming off her lips/
I watch her tip the bottle into the golden glass/stir the ice cubes ’round with her fingertips’ –
is wonderfully paid off at the very end of the song. 

- Liv Carter, Urban Country News

“DeeAnn Dominy is on the right track with Love A Good Love Song! 

The audience loved her and judging by their response, I’d say she’s a hit!!”   
-   Dixie McCorkell, Host  “The  Americana Collection” Syndicated Radio Program.

“This is one of those instances of CD not having one clunker on it. 
Each of these cuts are brilliantly performed, and what a presence she has. 
Dominy’s vocal seduces and enthralls you at the same time, 
much the way a Tucker or Heidi Newfield record does.”   
- Chuck Dauphin, Music News Nashville

“A soulful, passionate collection of songs with a voice that sets DeeAnn apart from the rest---
reminiscent of Bonnie Raitt, but unexpected from this petite, blonde talent!”   
- Margy Holland, Country Editor, United Stations Radio Networks

“An old school feel with a modern, stripped down production twist. 
DeeAnn's voice and story-telling is visually stimulating to the ears.”    
 Duncan, Vocal Producer, American Idol

“A refreshing change these days to hear a strong female country voice; 
with lyrics that mean something and a voice that Tammy would be proud of.”  
- Marie Crichton, Country Presenter, BBC Radio Shropshire, England, UK

“Life, Love, blue bonnets, the Rio Grand, and thirty-grit sandpaper.  
That's what I think of when I hear DeeAnn sing!”  
- Byron Hill, Producer, Songwriter

"Dominy’s new release, Based On A True Story, is self penned except for one cover song. 
Her voice is beautiful and soulful and has a raspy softness that is as tough as nails."
- Pam Sladel, Digital Rodeo 


The current single “I Still Believe” hit the top twenty on Hotdisc! It has been in the Hotdisc Most Popular Tracks Chart as voted by the most influential DJs in Europe and further afield. Only the elite tracks from the recent Hotdiscs deemed good enough by the DJs get into this chart on merit. DeeAnn's heartfelt thanks go to all who supported this debut effort!




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